A Dress is Born

It’s done.


This dress took me 2 years to finish but it is finally complete (besides a collar and belt but it’s fine. I’m over it.)

“But why would something so simple take that long to make? Surely you could have finished it sooner?”


There was no reason this project needed to take 2 years. The original goal was only a couple of months. But that’s how these things go when you can’t get your butt in gear and actually work on the projects you start. I still have to finish a quilt I started before this dress. IT’S FINE.

(Shout out to my grandmother for helping out when I pretty much gave up on the whole thing because it was taking too long. She’s a miracle worker, lemme tell ya.)

(Second shout out to Alyssa at All That Jazz for taking the pictures this weekend.)

Just casually leaning against this dirty barn. So majestic.
Spiderman climbing the silo
“The boys are a’comin home, Pa”

I’ll be wearing this at Victorian Days in May and I’ll try to get some “action shots” that weekend but there’s an 80% chance I will forget and a 70% chance I will light myself on fire.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Lynda says:

    This is a wonderful dress! Two years is about how long I think my winter overcoat will take me too. Some things just can’t be rushed I guess. Hope you post pictures of the Victorian Days celebration!

    Thanks for visiting me today. ~ L


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